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Four of our Phantom Kennels bird dogs painted by Artist Constance Payne currently on exhibition at the William Secord Gallery in NYC


Several years ago, Constance Payne, a very talented artist from New York , contacted us about traveling to our Abilene , Texas kennel and possibly painting some of our pointers.  When she arrived here, she was impressed with the chiseled physique of our pointers and selected four of them to paint for the February, 2007 exhibition at the William Secord Gallery in New York City .

 You can view her entire exhibition by clicking on the following link:  


 1.  Ch. Whippoorwill Razor (now deceased) – owned and campaigned by Dan and Glenda Hendrickson/Phantom Kennels (click below)


 2.  Phantom’s Miss Santo and Phantom’s Razorette – two of our outstanding females at Phantom Kennels (click below)

 http://www.dogpaintings.com/art_detail.cfm?Reference_Number=CP_23 (click below)

 3.  Phantom’s Nemaha Jake – one of our top studs and outstanding open shooting dogs now owned by Carles Gibson and Bradley Bates (click below)


 This exhibition along with the painting of Phantom’s Nemaha Jake were also featured on Page 13 of the January 20, 2007 edition of the American Field magazine.

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